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Is any particular New Thought education better than another?

Yes and No!


Can I use my New Thought degree to get a job?

Usually only within the field of New Thought or businesses owned by New Thought people...

joy Can I transfer my credits to a state or private university? Not usually...
balance Can I transfer New Thought credits or New Thought certifications or New Thought credentials earned at One New Thought Institute to another? - Not always...

If I begin a program of New Thought ministry studies will I be given a church?

If you are allowed to become a New Thought minister then you can present yourself...

truth If I get credentials at one New Thought organization will they transfer to another New Thought organization? - Not usually...

Can I use my bachelors from University of Mexico as the precursor to getting a Master's degree from one of these New Thought Universities? - That depends...

wisdom Are there good schools in New Thought? - Yes, all the schools listed have good repute but....
joy Are there any bad New Thought educational programs in New Thought? - We don't list any New Thought Institute that we don't believe is good however you are the final judge...
peace Our spiritual center wants to hire a Spiritual Leader who graduated from a different school than our denomination. What can we do? - It is actually up to your local board. Possible solutions include...
love Are there any universal standards for these institutes - Not really...

Uuity Institute

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Uuity Institute


Unity Institute is a denominational school offering various courses in personal spiritual growth, teacher licenses for their New Thought denomination and possible ordination in the original Unity denomination.
Unity Institute offers inhouse denominational training

Unity's founders were ordained by Divine Science then proceeded to create the second largest denomination in New Thought today. The largest being the Japanese denomination Seicho No Ei. Since the demise of its founders, Unity produced less and less public domain works and has progressively moved to present itself as an extremely marketable idea. Its programs are designed for those who wish to pursue a career in this denomination.

Minimum Qualifications of Applicants: *

Participating in your metaphysical education through SEE is easy! You may participate in the program from the comfort of your home by taking online distance learning courses, or courses at Unity Village as well as courses at local Unity ministries.

Unity offers a variety depending on your personal or professional needs.

Distance Learning

On Campus Classes

Local Unity Centers provide spiritual enrichment, workshop, book clubs and more.

They also offer Leadership development programmers, Licence Teacher Program and study for self improvement. Please check the website for any cost relating to the education offered by Unity.

* Requirement for every institution listed may change so go directly to their website to verify accuracy of any information reported by NewThoughtNews.

Current bottom line for you to plant your spiritual seeds here:
There are four free orientation courses!
There are a huge number of other courses.

Adult enrichment courses are available:

$99.95 for class with 8 credit hours.
Upgrade to 10 credit hours for $40 when you write a paper. This must be purchased as a 2nd item, along with the 8 credit hour class. We'll send you details.

Class Registration Fees
Credit or audit fees (see chart below) are to be paid at the Unity Reservations office by 6 p.m. the first Monday of the session. Refunds are available only until the first class begins.
Course Fees:
1 course $160.00
2 courses $260.00
3 courses $336.00
4 courses $400.00

Unity Institute Spiritual Education and Enrichment
1901 NW Blue Parkway
Unity Village, MO 64065-0001

Check out the latest information by going to: http://unity.org/education/see/tuition.html

Ministerial Credentials Tuition:

Tuition per credit hour (credit) $275
Tuition per continuing education unit (credit)$ 175
Tuition per credit hour/continuing education unit (audit) $80

Other Fees:

Non refundable student services fee per 10-week term $50
Non refundable student services fee per three-week term $25
Late registration fee $ 50
Add/Drop fee per course $25
Independent study fee per credit hour (in addition to tuition) $75
Independent study fee per continuing education unit (in addition to tuition) $40
Non refundable online technology fee $100
Return check fee $35
Thesis binding fee $35
Graduation fee (does not include rental of cap and gown) $75
Transcript fee $5


Visit the website of Unity Institute to explore their program directly.

Our journalists last checked on this information in November of 2010

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