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Usually only within the field of New Thought or businesses owned by New Thought people...

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balance Can I transfer New Thought credits or New Thought certifications or New Thought credentials earned at One New Thought Institute to another? - Not always...

If I begin a program of New Thought ministry studies will I be given a church?

If you are allowed to become a New Thought minister then you can present yourself...

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Johnnie Colemon Seminary

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Johnnie Colemon Seminary

The Johnnie Colemon Seminary is the educational arm of the Universal Foundation For Better Living which is a newer denomination born out of the late 20th Century need for deeper truth training and the need for the fostering of compassion.
Johnnie Coleman Seminary offers inhouse denominational training

The Universal Foundation for Better Living is rapidly moving forward as a major denomination. Its founders grew through Unity and then lifted their eyes to a new vision which they have consistently fulfilled to insure that New Thought reaches more seekers around the globe.

Johnnie Colemon Seminary offers a solid spiritual program that can lead to ministerial studies.

Courses The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary now offers online courses in several UFBL educational programs.
Master Certificate Program
Master Plus Certificate Program
Ministerial Training Program
Advamced Metaphysical Certificate Program
M.Div. Courses for seminary students

These classes begin the week of Feb. 28. You can do the work any time during the week, but you must keep up with the class on a week by week basis. To REGISTER, just click the Register button above.

Basic Master Certificate Classes
Required classes (3 credits each) meet for ten weeks.
These classes are OPEN TO ANYONE. You do NOT need to be in the certificate program to take these classes.

Basic Truth Principles I
Texts: New Thought Christian, William Warch & Alternatives, William L. Fischer
Teacher: Emma Luster-Lassiter
Basic Truth Principles I is the first part of an in-depth study of universal principles as espoused by all churches and study groups of the Universal Foundation for Better Living. This class includes the origin and history of New Thought and of the U.F.B.L. It will provide students with a better understanding of universal principles one should apply to live healthier, happier, and more prosperous living. All classes are based on these principles.

Basic Truth Principles II
Text: Lessons In Truth, Harriet Emilie Cady
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles I 
Teacher: Emma Luster-Lassiter
Basic Truth Principles II is the continuation of an in-depth study of Basic Truth Principles I. Emphasis will be placed on the nature of God, our divinity, the power of thought, denials, affirmations, faith, personality and individuality, spiritual understanding, the secret place, our spiritual gifts, and unity of the Spirit.

Bible I: Introduction to the Bible
Text: Text: Wisdom for a Lifetime, Alden Studebaker
Teacher: Evelyn Hill Coleman
Bible I is a practical study of the structure of the Bible, how it is written, and by whom. It provides an overview of the stories in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Knowledge of the literal helps one better understand the metaphysical interpretation. Join us as we examine the writings of the Holy Scriptures.

Advanced Class – Twelve Powers
Text: The Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore
Prerequisites: Basic Truth Principles I & II; Bible I, II, III, IV, & V
Teacher: Charles Taylor
The Twelve Powers of Man is a study of our 12 spiritual powers. When they are developed, we will have attained the mind that was in Christ Jesus, the spiritual consciousness unto which all things are possible.

Elective Master Certificate Class
Elective classes (2 credits each) are held only during first seven (7) weeks of each semester.

Spiritual Economics
Text: Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth
Teacher: Herbert Lassiter
The objective for those who attend Spiritual Economics is to apply and master the principle and process of true prosperity.

Master Plus Certificate Class
(Requires Master Certificate)

Text: Prosperity, Charles Fillmore
Prerequisite: Master’s Certificate
Teacher: Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin
The ‘Prosperity’ text has been used for decades, by prosperity teachers throughout the New Thought Movement. It examines beliefs that empower students to manifest abundance in his/her life.

Popular UFBL Courses Available NOW

The History of Christian New Thought* taught be Dr. Mary Tumpkin. $50.
Spirituality and Mysticism* taught by Dr. Robert Price $50
Modern Gospels* taught by Dr. Robert Price $50
2009 Colloquium The Amazing Shrinking Mainline Church* $50
Examine why the UFBL is poised for explosive growth!
2010 Colloquium Allegorical & Mystical Interpretation of the Bible* $5

M.Div. Classes
You must be accepted into the M.Div. Program to Register for these courses
WR500 World Religions* taught by Dr. Robert Price, 3 credits. $525
TS500 Theological Studies* taught by Dr. Robert Price, 4 credits $ 700

Coming Soon
The Power of Myth* $50
Based on the Joseph Campbell’s famous PBS Video Series
Starts March 16

2011 Colloquium May 4-6, 2011*
Miracles Happen!
Real Miracles! Right Now! $50

Visit the website of Johnnie Colemon Seminary to explore their program directly.


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