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The cost of attending the above institutions does not reflect the quality of education.
There is no relation between cost & quality!

The world is full of wonderful opportunities to learn
New Thought: "Change your thinking, change your life"

You don't need to go to America anymore to get high quality New Thought Education!

There are online studies programs and wonderful New Thought educational institutions & opportunities worldwide!

Online Studies programs /Correspondence courses
Around the globe people are flocking to New Thought, there are some wonderful correspondence courses and online studies programs which mean you don't have to a fortune flying across the globe to get your New Thought Education. Making your decision is the first step in moving forward on your path
Certificate programs There are some great certificate programs being offered by many different New Thought Institutions, some are over 100 years old and some are innovative programs teaching partnership perspectives and compassionate consciusness.
Degree programs You can even get a degree! There are all kinds of degree programs. Some of them lead to being a minister, others lead to Spiritual Healing traditions and still others lead to the satisfaction of having a degree.
All kinds of degrees from equally valid instituations.
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South Seas
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