New Thought Divinity Schools Around the Globe

flexibility Is any particular education better than another? Yes and No!
strength Can I use my degree to get a job? Usually only within the field of New Thought or businesses owned by New Thought people...
nurture Can I transfer my credits to a state or private university? Not usually...
spirit Can I transfer credits or certifications and credentials earned at One New Thought Institute to another? - Not always...
honor If I begin a program of ministerial training will I be given a church? If you are allowed to become a minister then you can present yourself...
wisdom If I get credentials at one New Thought organization will they transfer to another? - Not usually...

Can I use my bachelors from University of Mexico as the precursor to getting a Master's degree from one of these schools? - That depends...

compassion Are there good schools in New Thought? - Yes, they are all good but....
joy Are there any bad schools in New Thought? - We don't list any school that we don't believe is good however you are the final judge...
peace Our spiritual center wants to hire a Spiritual Leader who graduated from a different school than our denomination. What can we do? - It is actually up to your local board. Possible solutions include...
love Are there any universal standards for these institutes - Not really...
Not Usually

Can I transfer my credits to a state or private university?

Not usually...

Not usually, but I paid for these credits?

Yes you did, but you are getting a spiritual diploma from a religious organization?



Why "not usually"?
Because it is like going to an independent church bible college and then trying to transfer your credits to the local state university. You may emerge from that college able to thump that bible and talk about creationism but that doesn't make you qualified to enter into a masters degree program in Biology at N.Y.U. or U.C. New Thought education is intended to support your development of consciousness and whoever says otherwise, is most likely misleading you.

Your degree is valuable but is not the same as getting a degree from University of Virginia or U.T. Austin or any regular university. Shocker! That's right. Some of the more expensive institutions would like you to believe that because they have hired a "Doctor" or two that this means they are offering you an education that is the equal of Harvard. This is simply not true.

Your New Thought degree, training, certifications etc. opens doors in the field of New Thought. It is a burgeoning field and one can do quite well if one is motivated by compassion and caring and the desire to bring about the transformation of world consciousness. Don't get in New Thought just to make money. There are a schools out there that will tell you it is a "business like any other" but these are the cynics who don't' believe in compassion or ministry.

But does that mean Ministry is not a business?
That's right, even though you are seeing people on the TV selling Apocalyptic Bibles and websites touting "Recipes for Success" Those people do not appear to be interested in the transformation of world consciousness as much as living P.T. Barnum's quote that "there is a sucker born every minute" Learn proper marketing but don't succumb to believing ministry is a business. It is a calling and a profession.

But some of these institutes claim they are accredited?
They probably are. Anyone can create an accredation organization and hand our accredation. In the United States, a great deal of things are left to private enterprise. There are a lot of unregulated activities and institutions. That is why there are regulations to prevent unethical activities. If you plan on going to one of these schools and then going to a regular university later on. Find out if that University, the future one, will take the credits given out by the New Thought Educational Institution you are considering.

What about credits earned at prestigious Universities will they transfer to one of these institutions?
Maybe, but remember, again these are religious degrees and getting a masters degree in" Co-creation or Consciousness" is not something you can take to the bank or wall street. Often there is a chauvinism present in the U.S. institutions. If you get a degree an University of Mexico or University of Heidelberg they may say it doesn't count because they are Americans and can't read another language and might believe that only U.S. degrees count. Don't

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