New Thought Divinity Schools Around the Globe

flexibility Is any particular education better than another? Yes and No!
strength Can I use my degree to get a job? Usually only within the field of New Thought or businesses owned by New Thought people...
nurture Can I transfer my credits to a state or private university? Not usually...
spirit Can I transfer credits or certifications and credentials earned at One New Thought Institute to another? - Not always...
honor If I begin a program of ministerial training will I be given a church? If you are allowed to become a minister then you can present yourself...
wisdom If I get credentials at one New Thought organization will they transfer to another? - Not usually...

Can I use my bachelors from University of Mexico as the precursor to getting a Master's degree from one of these schools? - That depends...

compassion Are there good schools in New Thought? - Yes, they are all good but....
joy Are there any bad schools in New Thought? - We don't list any school that we don't believe is good however you are the final judge...
peace Our spiritual center wants to hire a Spiritual Leader who graduated from a different school than our denomination. What can we do? - It is actually up to your local board. Possible solutions include...
love Are there any universal standards for these institutes - Not really...

Are there any universal standards for these institutes

Not really...

Presently there are no universal standards for education in New Thought. There are denominations trying to impose their points of view and slandering other organizations but there are not standards.

Thus it is up to you think and research



Why are there no standards ?
The simple answer would be because that is the way it is. But the truth is that most of these organizations are membership organizations and so they can't think globally.

Think Globally? Most of these organizations do not have missions to serve anyone but their members and grow their membership. They don't have missions to create standards.

The nature of New Thought is to be new! Thus the teachings of today will be different tommorrow. The classic texts are in New Thought Library. You can read them for free. But courses are continually changing and teachers are dying and being reborn.

You set the standards You set the standards by your excellence. You go to one of these institutes or schools or seminiaries and you be more, do more and thereby you can give more.

Ask yourself what the standard should be Should the standard be artificial and set up by a pariticular "commission" or existing denomination? Or should we look into the actions of our teachers and listen to what they teach and then make a decision as to whether they are really qualified.

The bottom line is this If you want academic credentials go to University of Melbourne or Oxford. If you want to become a Spiritual Leader decide if you are Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, New Thought or something else. Then go to a Divineity School for that particular path and begin your path to being a teacher, a spiritual leader, but don't fool yourself, your degree, your education in a spiritual institution would not and probably should not be accepted as a degree at a regular university. After all there is a point to separation of religion from government. Think about it! ASK questions, do RESEARCH, get ANSWERS then decide.

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