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flexibility Is any particular education better than another? Yes and No!
strength Can I use my degree to get a job? Usually only within the field of New Thought or businesses owned by New Thought people...
nurture Can I transfer my credits to a state or private university? Not usually...
spirit Can I transfer credits or certifications and credentials earned at One New Thought Institute to another? - Not always...
honor If I begin a program of ministerial training will I be given a church? If you are allowed to become a minister then you can present yourself...
wisdom If I get credentials at one New Thought organization will they transfer to another? - Not usually...

Can I use my bachelors from University of Mexico as the precursor to getting a Master's degree from one of these schools? - That depends...

compassion Are there good schools in New Thought? - Yes, they are all good but....
joy Are there any bad schools in New Thought? - We don't list any school that we don't believe is good however you are the final judge...
peace Our spiritual center wants to hire a Spiritual Leader who graduated from a different school than our denomination. What can we do? - It is actually up to your local board. Possible solutions include...
love Are there any universal standards for these institutes - Not really...
Becoming the Leader of a New Thought Center

If I begin a program of ministerial training will I be given a church?

If you are allowed to become a minister then you can present yourself...

You have your degree, you are now a minister and you are filled with love and compassion and want to start supporting others in their transformation and evolution.

You can either create your own ministry or if you are a member of a denomination you can go campaign for a pulpit.



Campaign for a pulpit?
Yes. That means you go to any church that will accept you as their leader and offer yourself for evalutation and possibly a contract to be their leader on a trial basis or eventually permanently meaning as long as you last.

is that easy? It is easier if you are already a member of that organization. You might get your "masters degree in cocreaton from the Centers for Co-Creation and Celebration and if they have an opening in Wisconsin, then you can go there and audition.

Audition? Well, you will need to do a few talks and present yourself. If your talks are boring, or you declare yourself to be a catholic or buddhist or taoist or a methodist or something else which does not fit with their center, they might not accept you.

Catholic or buddhist? In other words, don't show up and say: "I am a recovering catholic" or "I am a taoist". Those are spiritual paths but they are not New Thought, they might be part of your spiritual path but if you are a New Thought minister talk about being a New Thought minister. Talk about all the wonderful writers in the library and also use your background for stories but don't say I am a "recovering this or that". In New Thought that means you are still living in the past.

Am I guaranteed a position at a church? Not really. You are going to have to audition for a job at any existing New Thought Center and they may be more interested in your ability to do a good comedy hour than your ability to teach them anything helpful to their spiritual evolution. So go to that place ahead of time and be a fly on the wall. Find out what they are about? And remember you are the honey and they want you.

But I paid almost 40 thousand dollars out for my degree! I should be guaranteed a job! Not really. You should have read the fine print. Not only do they not have to ordain you, but once you are ordained it might only be provisional. They might call it a "licensed minister" but you are not ordained. Thus you have to pay other 2000 dollars a year for that license and another $200 dollars a year for your basic practitioners or teacher's license and another fee on top of that.

Do the fees ever end? That is up to you. Membership organizations charge membership fees. Denominations have dues and sometimes mandatory tithes. The only way to lower to the fees or dues is to look around at other denominations or have a little courage and go independent.

Being independent, the other choice. Yes you can start your own center. Fillmore, Holmes, Brooks and the majority of writers in the New Thought Library went out on their own and created their own ministries. You can too!

Can I form my own center and not go independent Yes you can. Just find our the rules for your particular denomination. They might say that you have to have a certain amount of people to form a center, or that you must call it a study group or a teaching chapter. You may not be allowed to be called a minister through them unless you have a minimum amount of members and you might have to go through some inquisitions if you don't grow fast enough.

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