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Is any particular New Thought education better than another?

Yes and No!


Can I use my New Thought degree to get a job?

Usually only within the field of New Thought or businesses owned by New Thought people...

joy Can I transfer my credits to a state or private university? Not usually...
balance Can I transfer New Thought credits or New Thought certifications or New Thought credentials earned at One New Thought Institute to another? - Not always...

If I begin a program of New Thought ministry studies will I be given a church?

If you are allowed to become a New Thought minister then you can present yourself...

truth If I get credentials at one New Thought organization will they transfer to another New Thought organization? - Not usually...

Can I use my bachelors from University of Mexico as the precursor to getting a Master's degree from one of these New Thought Universities? - That depends...

wisdom Are there good schools in New Thought? - Yes, all the schools listed have good repute but....
joy Are there any bad New Thought educational programs in New Thought? - We don't list any New Thought Institute that we don't believe is good however you are the final judge...
peace Our spiritual center wants to hire a Spiritual Leader who graduated from a different school than our denomination. What can we do? - It is actually up to your local board. Possible solutions include...
love Are there any universal standards for these institutes - Not really...

Fillmore Theological College

Divine Science School ~
Emerson Institute ~
Fillmore College ~
Holmes Institute ~
Institute of Truth ~
Johnnie Colemon Seminary ~
Northwest School of Religious Studies ~
New Thought University ~
One Spirit Seminary ~
Sedona University ~
School of Truth ~
Unity Village ~
University of Healing ~
University of Metaphysics ~
University of Spirituality ~


Fillmore Theological College


Barbara King School of Ministry is the educational arm of Hillside Internaitonal Truth Center.
Divine Science School offers inhouse denominational training

The Hillside International Truth Center is one of the newer New Thought denominations. It was founded by Barbara King. It is "a healing ministry of the whole person: Spirit, Mind, and Body".

Barbara King School of Ministry provides programs designed for Personal Development - Spiritual Growth - Entering Ministry.

Degrees Include: ???

To provide Spiritual Education

Not Clear from the website

There is no clarity provided concerning cost of the total program.

Current bottom line for you to plant your spiritual seeds here:
We were unable to contact anyone concerning this program.

minimal investment: unknown

Our journalists last checked on this information in August 2011

Visit the website of Hillside International Chapel to explore their program directly.

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